Google Pixel 6a


Expected arrival: 2nd week of August 2022

3 steps:

  1. Place a RM300 deposit.
  2. Receive WhatsApp confirmation within 1 working day. Our team will provide you with shipping updates and arrange for balance payments on WhatsApp.
  3. Receive your Pixel 6a when it arrives.

Full payment for the phone must be made by 20th July 2022.

BONUS: get 2% discount if you make full payment by the 10th of July 2022.

Pre-Order benefits:

  • Decide how you want to pay (debit card, credit card, bank transfer)
  • Decide when you want to pay (full payment or partial payment – daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Get a small discount if you finish paying by 10th July 2022
  • Get shipment updates directly on WhatsApp
  • Contact us directly on WhatsApp chat if you need help


When will I get my Pixel 6a?

  • We expect the shipment to arrive on the 2nd week of August 2022, but due to global supply chain issues there is a possibility this will take longer than expected

How do I know my pre-order is confirmed?

  • Your pre-order is confirmed once you pay the RM800 deposit AND receive a WhatsApp confirmation from our team

Is the deposit refundable?

  • The deposit is only refundable as store credit with TechBug. All refund requests must be made before the 20th of July 2022. Just let our team know on WhatsApp

Can I change the colour of the phone?

  • Yes, but any changes have to be made before the 20th of July 2022 via WhatsApp and subject to availability. Delivery time may also be impacted due to the request.

What happens if I don’t make the full payment by the due date?

  • If full payment is not received by the due date, the pre order is considered as cancelled and any deposit/payments made will be forfeited.
Google Pixel 6a